‘Youth We Connect’ at PAWA254 for Better Leadership

Youth for change at Pawa254 offices

Be Part of the Change at Pawa254 located along State House Crescent, Africa Alliance of YMCA Building, 2nd Floor.

Are you a Youth, a Leader, a person who believes he can be part of change? “Youth We Connect and Leaders Scorecards” is an initiative of My Leader Kenya (MLK) in Partnership with YAFNET (Youth Action Forum for Networking).

This key meeting on Saturday, June 22 2019 at Pawa 254 from 9.00 am-1.00 pm (strictly) will open way for a new journey for youths and leaders in both community and corporate spheres through its first members drive and ideation.

Who is this for?
Following are the stakeholders for this initiative:

  • NGOs, CBOs, FBOs
  • Government
  • Leaders (elected and nominated)
  • Youth Groups
  • Individual’s who want to be part of this new wave of change are some of the already signed up attendees.

This key youth meeting will:
1. Mobilize for Youth & Women Empowerment
2. Recognize and profile untold stories of individuals and groups across the country.
3. Seek various ways to partner with government and other stakeholders for funding of different youth lead projects.
4. Engage elected leaders on their development scorecards and Governance.
5. Work with existing youth groups for a greater audience
6. Develop a large database of various change makers across the country and the impact in the society.
7. Embody the spirit of collectiveness and togetherness
8. Empower youth and women through skill development and capacity building.

Thematic Areas

  • Education
  • Health and water
  • Climate change and environment
  • Governance and leadership
  • Gender and equality
  • Agribusiness
  • Peace and conflict
  • Entrepreneurship and infrastructure

Membership slots available

  • Advisory board (8)
  • The Secretariat (4)
  • National Program Coordinators (8)
  • Member Group Representatives (1 per group)
  • County Reps (47)
  • Constituency Coordinator
  • Ward Coordinators
  • General Members

Resource centre slots

  • Digital team
  • Photo and video team
  • Media and PR team
  • Communication and messaging teams
  • Trainings team
  • Workshop and forums teams
  • Print and magazine team


  1. Strategic plan presentation
  2. Partnership options
  3. Information hub
  4. Crowd funding
  5. Departments
  6. Membership registration

Where to register


Join the WhatsApp groups available

MLK Updates Group 1 
MLK Updates Group 2 

For any clarification, consultation or more details, talk to the ‘Youth We Connect’ team through  +254 745 564276.

Remember your presence at the Pawa254 offices is highly essential.