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  • Thursday, 30 June 2022
YALI 2019, Cohort 35 | Leaving the Comfort Zone |The Team Building

YALI 2019, Cohort 35 | Leaving the Comfort Zone |The Team Building

YALI 2019 Programme for Cohort 35 is keeping on well. The 115 participants have been at Brackenhurst in the thickets of Limuru, Kenya since Monday evening. They are leaving the place this afternoon for a break to see around and to go see friends and family, employees or colleagues for those who have them around Nairobi.

Day two was more than a challenge, more than fan! But the best thing is that all of it is for the purpose of creating dependable leaders for this great continent.

The lesson was, ‘Going beyond the ground, out of the comfort zone and stretching beyond one’s limits.’ The cohort was discouraged from complacency and personal limitation.

A Team building followed at the same place (Brackenhurst). This was facilitated by Blue Sky Adventures. The day’s Key picks included, Teamwork, Tolerance, Partnership, Togetherness and Determination.

Getting to the top is not an option, you must!

Participants were challenged both in attitude and latitude as they did some high rope games. The objective being to instill noble leadership skills in them.  At the start, fear was evident, but the determination to get to the top gave the players enough resilience to achieve it.

Defying all odds; and to the top they got

YALI 2019 Programme, Cohort 35 is happening courtesy of the Obama Foundation, MasterCard, USAID and Deloitte.

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