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  • Thursday, 30 June 2022
Why your chicks keep dying

Why your chicks keep dying

Here are eight most common cause of early mortality in the first two weeks of life.


Mismanagement is the single biggest contributor to early chick mortality. Things can easily go wrong way back before the chicks’ arrival.


At placement, chicks are hungry and we expect high activity at the feeders as they eat to fill up their crops.

Omphalitis/yolk sac infection

Omphalitis refers to infection of the yolk sac and the navel and it causes the reddening and swelling around the umbilical region.

Vaccine contamination

Contaminated vaccines applied either at the hatcheries or in the farm can cause post vaccination reactions leading to respiratory infections. 


This applies to damage caused by another bird during pecking behaviour.

Nutritional deficiencies

Give your birds water and feed all the time. The feed should be well balanced in terms of energy, proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids levels by nutritionally skilled miller.

Poor beak-treatment

Poor beak treatment especially done at the hatchery can affect feed intake.

Gumboro disease

This disease only affects young chickens and therefore will only occur in birds between age 21-28 days while in slow growing birds like layers and improved

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