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  • Thursday, 30 June 2022
Ways to know your sneakers are fake

Ways to know your sneakers are fake

If you are a sneakerhead and you want to know if the shoes you got are real or fake. These are some general red flags:

There is this joke on Twitter about selling fake sneakers but if you run fast people won’t see it. Any ridiculously cheap sneakers especially from known brands like Nike and Adidas are probably fake.

If you want to buy original sneakers it is better to buy from known sites or websites or the company’s website themselves. Seldom do online vendors have the original sneaker.

Every sneaker has an SKU number on a label inside the shoe. Check it once you buy new sneakers. If it doesn’t have, then it is fake.

Nike becomes Niku or Niky or Niek, Puma is Pumu, Fila is Filu. All these are glaring signs.

Holding the sneakers, smelling, and touching them can give you a general feeling about their authenticity.



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