Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Palscity Plans for First Intercounty VFair and Awards in Kenya

Every year comes with notable trends within the digital marketing space. And as an entrepreneur or digital marketing professional, you need to tap into the new trends at an appropriate time.

ORADMT is conducting a digital marketing workshop and various events to enlighten entrepreneurs and digital marketing specialists in Kenya. It is upon you to decide to stick to old strategies which will deliver unpleasant results. Or decide to join this workshop and master the new trends for the new year 2022.

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 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

 Digital marketing trends are the cutting-edge digital marketing tools and methodologies to build an online presence. A digital marketing skill helps you target the right customers, and you will use them in your marketing strategies.

The statistics in Kenya are out of the world. Although Kenya has a small market share, a significant percentage of the population has a high need for information about digital marketing and businesses.

It is simply a method of marketing by any company which is managed electronically. For example, your site can be advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several other platforms. And it helps a customer to see you first.

And many businesses who are working in this sector believe that digital marketing is expensive.

You need to spend a lot of money to market your business effectively using this digital marketing. But this is not true. Not everyone needs to spend money on marketing like in digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, the way to go is to focus on the essential things.

What Are Our Programs for 2022? 

It has been more than a decade since digital marketing became a thriving field. Though some activities have gone obsolete, a lot of new ones have emerged. Being knowledgeable about digital marketing trends will help you drive your business and brand in the right direction. It will enable you to drive trust and improve reputation through digital marketing channels.

In this program, ORADMT will be offering free digital marketing training during the beginning of November. Again, we will be having our November intake commencing the training. You are free to join our November intake or Free web360.


Digital Marketing Masterclass Workshop

This is a workshop that targets to train corporates, digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs. Again, you will be able to understand Different Digital Marketing Trends. Considering that the economy is changing, the world is adapting to the changes. There is more about the consumer than what companies want to hear.

 The digital marketing trends 2017 are defined by the speed with which information travels through the internet. There is an increase in the use of applications and social media.

Join this workshop and enjoy one-on-interactions with experienced digital marketing professionals.


V-Fair Event

 We believe everyone in the 21st century is using the internet. Even those without access are online. However, most people remain unaware of the role social media plays in building and maintaining their brands.

 We are the first company to conduct a virtual fair in Kenya. It is an event organized by our sister brands, Palscity, Mybigorder, and Keonline. The event will help expose your products and services in Kenya and across all counties.

 Enjoy the first-mover advantage and be among the first companies to participate in virtual fair events in Kenya.

The Challenges of Managing a Digital Marketing Team 

Many challenges come with managing a digital marketing team. However, these challenges become part of every entrepreneur’s dream of owning a digital marketing business.

Significantly, the ability to adapt to the changing environment becomes a challenge that every digital marketing company, owner, or director has to deal with.

Are you ready to overcome challenges and keep your business growing with new digital marketing trends for the new year of 2022?

Getting better leads and sales is also a challenge for every digital marketing company owner. Here’s why.

Traditional digital marketing campaigns won’t cut it in the new digital marketing world. Digital marketing tools are being used in better and creative ways.


Every Digital Marketing book was written; you have to understand it and run with it at your own pace. Digital marketing isn’t a “one size fits all” technology. But it is infrequent to buy digital marketing software that does everything.

 Avoid complicated marketing activities and find out how to work with the tools and marketing tools you have at your disposal.

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