Top 10 On demand E-commerce and Courier Delivery Services in Kenya

Get it delivered as per your timeline

On-demand delivery simply means the immediate or scheduled delivery of your product to your customer initiated immediately after the customers make their order.

Logistics is the key to success with supply chains. Supply chains are unique networks between businesses (merchants) that deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery of products. These networks are very important to businesses as they largely affect sales and profits.

The following are the top 10 on-demand e-commerce & courier delivery services in Kenya.

  1. myBigorder on demand delivery

Orders are premade, drivers drive at the right time and take less time from point A to B to C. They have initiated the best chatting system, 24-hour support with unmatched customer service via SMS, Calls, Live chats, Emails, Webinars. Something that makes them unique is the use of Geo-fencing technology. His technology makes it cheaper since you find the rider or the driver located at the nearest business. Their charges are automated

  1. Sendy.

They have automated their deliveries with the best sendy API’s to ensure the customers manage their deliveries right from your mobile app, online shop or platform.

The most interesting part is that they have the system that calculates the cost automatic with the specified drop off location.

  1. G4S

 They are the best courier logistics company as their main aim is to provide secured delivery to customers.

They have well trained staffs that know their work and hence better customer support.

  1. Fargo Courier

Have most of its growth on the warehouses that are spread country wide for customer support. Their modes of delivery are growing rapidly due to well-equipped warehouses.

  1. Petty Errands

As their names suggest, they are well known for running petty errands in Kenya. Having conquered the city of Nairobi, they are now known for the efficiency of running their business. If you want to move into a new office or you need to relocate, Petty Errands would suit you.

  1. Postal Corporation of Kenya

Since Posta started, it was only known for sending mails. Nowadays it has grown into the logistics industry and it’s growth is rapid. They deliver any kind of parcel worldwide since they have their own warehouses spread.

  1. Timeless Courier Service

They major mostly on running errands in Nairobi. They believe that time is the key to growth of courier services in Kenya. They are much recommended for the convenience offered.

  1. Rush courier

The most important thing in this industry of delivery is how fast one can deliver a product or parcel to the client. Rush Courier have established themselves in ensuring that they have offer convenience to their customers. They deliver as per the time a customer needs to be delivered.

  1. Roy Parcel Services

Every parcel, luggage, products be it perishable or delicate items, Roy Parcel Services know where and what time to deliver. It is believed that they have survived in this field long for work well done.

  1. Zodwa Logistics

They have come up with a strategy of ensuring that all companies within Nairobi are well served. Ensuring their customers are happy as their main aim, have developed to an extent of serving big corporates especially hotels.

On-demand delivery is actually what Kenyans are looking for. Nobody wants to order for something and wait for it uncertainly. A client sending fresh flowers to their loved ones want them to be received as fresh. Cheques and other important documents need to reach the intended recipients as fast as possible. The above 10 companies can be trusted to do all these.