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  • Thursday, 30 June 2022
Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya – Best Bulk SMS Companies

Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya – Best Bulk SMS Companies

Bulk SMS is one of the most cost-effective and easy to use brand promotion techniques. Sending a message to thousands of people within seconds is more effective than most (if not all) of the other means of marketing.

Bulk messaging is an efficient way to grow your target customers’ loyalty and trust. The following are the top 10 Bulk SMS giants in Kenya:

  1. ORAMOBILE (Oracom Web Solutions)

What more could a client ask for than a service provider who they can reach in the middle of the night? I mean, Oramobile (Bulk SMS) is a 24/7 company, something that has contributed much in thrusting them to the very top of my list.

Their dashboard is highly interactive and rich. Once a client is given the initial training, they are able to do their messaging on their own with no difficulty.

Their prices are attractive; in addition, they offer you the SMS system for free. They serve both corporates and small businesses and have a pool of service reseller options.

Their APIs are simple with examples. They reach multiple countries.


When it comes to strong APIs, Africa’s Talking is the talk of the nation. Their powerful APIs enable developers to give life to their ideas where USSD, SMS, Voice, airtime and payments are concerned.

Having a variety of powerful communication and API products positions them on top of the rest as it enables them provide a good number of solutions for mobile engagements. They are strong on serving corporates.


Advanta allows you to have an interactive communication not only in Kenya but beyond the borders across the East African region. They have managed to build a dynamic messaging platform that you don’t need installation of any third party software or hardware. Their services are available at very competitive rate.


Upon sign up with AirTouch, you are assured of 10 free SMS. With this service provider you are able to reach your target audience in the shortest time possible by simply logging in, uploading your recipient list and sending your message and within no time you receive your report.

The user needs not to install a software to be able to send Bulk SMS. The web-based administration tool gives a simple platform from where you can communicate to your target audience.


Movetech offers you a free SMS API with an option of being a reseller. You can use your web account to send the Bulk SMS, use your phone or integrate your systems to their messaging server using the free API.

Theirs is an easy SMS gateway API that makes your work easier saving you money as well. You can connect your website or other applications with your API and reach your target audience more efficiently.


You want a multi-user enterprise account? Then stop at SMS Leopard. This service provider has a powerful SMS engine from where you can send personalized messages or schedule them to send later.

Their technology is automated in a way that you can create your own account, add credits to the same, deactivate your account as well as assign or remove your sender ID.


Connect Media is able to connect you to your customers globally. They pride in a connection of at least 900 networks in the world.

They use a High Tech technology that offers the user a flexible system easing the functionality. Despite their wide reach, their content delivery is quite fast.


As the name suggests, Uwazii would be credited for clear and straight to the point messaging system. Their communication gateway supports both online messaging through a web portal and API messaging.

The two are the most effective tools to send messages at a low cost. Having a cloud portal and the SMS API has increased their clientele getting them to the top 10 nationwide.


Celcom Africa prides in their favourable prices with a guaranteed SMS delivery. They have a completely online messaging platform that enables you send each message at a time or thousands of messages at a go.

With their system, you are able to group your messages, for instance, employees, clients and so on. They also have a very reliable SMS gateway.


This service provider offers you an efficient Bulk SMS account accessible from your computer or mobile phone. You can as well integrate your systems with their API.

You have no excuse for not reaching your target audience or customers. At Crystal Technologies, there are no mobile networks barrier as you can reach your audience across all networks.

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