Top 10 Domain and Web Hosting Companies in Kenya-Best 2021 Service Providers


Domain and hosting is a pivotal aspect of business in the current digital era. In a layman’s language, ‘you cannot go far’ in business without a domain. Secondly, you cannot survive in it if your domain is hosted with an ‘unstable’ company. These two factors are key in business growth today. With that, it is important to learn the ‘who is who’ in this domain and hosting industry.

Following is a list of Kenya’s top domain and hosting experts in 2021:


A Subsidiary department of Oracom Web Solution, Orawebhost has stood the test of time to be Kenya’s number one hosting company with many factors favoring it.

The company located in Westlands Nairobi runs 24/7/365 days support making them the most reliable hosting partner in the industry.

Their simple approach and affordable web solutions enable them to serve both startups and large corporates. They understand when low budgets can deliver something big and when a big budget is needed to blow a campaign. For instance, they have amazing domain pricing where ( goes for 399ksh and .com at 790ksh).

Orawebhost recently entered into a partnership with Google to offer G suite services hence making their services more reliable.

The company has a team of experienced web Masters that has proved with the time that they have mastered and understood well the skills of server hosting support.

The company boosts several reliable dedicated, VPS, and cloud storage servers making them one of the most priced hosting companies in Kenya.

DomainRacer Web Hosting (

If you’re searching for the best domain extension and web hosting company in Kenya, then look no further than DomainRacer web hosting.

They offer global protection through seven plus security tools (include top tools: – ImunifyAV+ and Imunify360).

DomainRacer becomes famous due to its cheap cost and various features. If you want to create a strong online existence then you have to catch a good web hosting provider. By selecting the correct web hosting and domain name plan, you will rapidly build traffic.

DomainRacer is the best domain and web hosting company in Kenya. That explains here how cheap PHP mysql hosting prices became a leader in enterprise features among others. All plans are available at an economical price with mind-blowing features.

Each web hosting and domain plan comes with a free SSL certificate for life, unlimited storage, bandwidth, and many more. DomainRacer guarantees you a 99.99% server uptime and blazing lightning faster technology to boost your site speed. They have 4-tier server locations in India, UK, USA, Germany, France, Singapore, Canada and two are coming soon.

At DomainRacer web hosting you get…low-cost hosting and domain plans, attractive key features, some unlimited and free stuff. With an advanced web hosting plan, you get free .com and .in domain names.

Ideal For              – Faster, Security & Low-Cost

Price                      – Very Affordable House

Free Add-on     – Premium Free SEO Tool (Worth $40-$50)

The Nairobi CBD-based company has stood out as one of the best one-stop-shop for the local TLD .ke. It’s one of the oldest web hosting companies in Kenya from which many others came from.
Nowadays, Kenya Web Experts only deals with domains alone. Although this might have contributed to their high ranking on the maters domain, it could serve as a weakening point. This is because many online clients always show interest in other services hence the need of having all the products under one company roof.

The Airport North Road-based company is also another powerhouse in the web hosting industry. Sasahost does domain registration and hosting exclusively. They are not interested in web design services hence you can only approach them with a complete website they do hosting for you. Basically, the company specializes in hosting and hence may not qualify for other web services including web development.

DeepAfrica Ltd is another 24 hours company running well-established domain and hosting services. Other services offered at DeepAfrica include digital marketing and web design which they recently ventured into.
They are located in Nairobi CBD.

Truehost is a relatively new company that is now building a good name in the local TLDs registration. Their domains are available at favorable costs
They have portrayed excellence in service delivery, providing reliable secure servers to protect their clients’ websites.
The company only deals with domain registration.

This is one of the oldest companies in Kenya. It might not be as popular as its age, but they offer great services, especially in website designs.
Kenya Web operates from Nairobi CBD.

This company is known for its skilled team of experts. They offer reliable domain and Webhosting services as well as SSL security certificates. In general, they pride in affordability.

Safaricom is known to be the leading mobile network in Kenya. However many people don’t that they are highly ranked domain and hosting experts in Kenya. Besides email creation, they also offer free website builders.

Hostpinnacle Kenya is known for the most lucrative affiliate program, where you earn with every client you refer to them. They are passionate about both domain registration and web hosting services.

They offer good domain services in Kenya inclusive of expertise in email accounts, C (control) panel and SSL services. This has increased their efficiency growing them above the rest in the domain and hosting industry.

Domain and hosting is an area that one cannot afford to fumble with. You also cannot just entrust your domain with any service provider you meet in the market. A company’s reputation is a basic factor to consider. If the support is questionable, feel free to knock on the next door.