Technology has greatly improved the dairy farming process, making them easier and simpler and with this, it has lowered dairy farming cost as compared to other years. Currently, the number of dairy products in the market has greatly increased due to advancement in dairy farming. Therefore advancement in technology has affected dairy farming positively.

The advancement of technology in dairy farming has helped, in that farmers are able to record daily milk production, monitoring of milk components such as protein and fats, recording temperature of the animals, indicating milk conductors and also the measurement of the animals’ body weight.

Advancement of technology has greatly caused positive impacts in quality, healthy and reproduction control, some of the major benefits include cost reduction, improved product quality, increased efficiency and improved performance in the health of dairy animals and their general well-being.

Examples of technologies used in dairy farming

The use of computer farming system, this system works by facial recognition software to monitor cows. This system is helpful in that the farmer will be able to know physical information about their animals

Dairy farmers have also adopted the use of robotic cow milking process which has made the process of milking to be easy and by using it, it has enhanced and improved milk production which has made farmers to be able to attain and maintain the required milk required.