Social Media Growth in Kenya: Palscity- Topnotch Innovation


Social media growth in Kenya has impacted life in various ways. There are people who have benefitted a great deal from the social media platforms that exist today. Such platforms have also made an end to some people, education-wise, career-wise, business-wise, in self-worth or even made them lose life altogether.

Generally, social media is more beneficial than the rest of the digital platforms. This is mostly because it gives the user a chance to do it themselves. It requires no technical expertise for one to use. Take Facebook, for instance, millions of people have gained a lot from there, learning from each other, selling their products and services there and also expanding their social connections.

Have you ever relaxed to think about Facebook deeply? It’s origin, founder(s), the growth and all that? Probably, No. Now someone in Kenya has not only done that; he has gone ahead and internalized Social media growth in Kenya with a bigger objective. Mr. Alphonce Juma, one of the youthful techy this Kenya has is doing something that just some months ago would have sounded too big a dream for an African to host.

This Kenyan who is both talented and passionate about Information Technology has now developed what one would refer to as, an integration of all existing social media. He has done a Kenyan social media platform which he’s named Palscity, as in, a city where friends meet. The name itself would make one fall in love with the platform even before they know what exactly it’s all about.

Palscity is a one-stop digital and social platform, where you can have chit-chats with friends, either publicly or privately. You can create pages or groups, personal or for business use. You can also reach out to the needy through giving. You can earn a lot through affiliate marketing just to mention but a few activities.

Reflect on how much time you spend on social media. Does it pay for your time? NO. This is not the case with Palscity – the platform is rewarding you every time you invite someone, post, comment, like or wonder. Sounds too good to be true, right? You also sell your products and or services for FREE. I mean, Palscity is original, mature, fun and impactful! It’s bold and real! You will never be more proud to be a Kenyan…

Here is how you go about it:

  1. Create your account on
  2. Pick your referral link on
  3. Invite your friends, family and start building your “city of friends”.
  4. Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram…

Social media growth in Kenya has taken a different but beautiful turn. It’s time to Connect, Network, Share and Discover. is for Kenya and the entire world – join today and learn more from the inside. Furthermore, there are no charges.