Palscity Tv Launching Its Official Operations Today

Palscity Tv Launching Its Official Operations Today

It is true; the Palscity TV will be rolling on your eye-balls from today. It not just a TV program as many may think. The program aims at elevating the lives of people in societies. And this will be through giving people an opportunity to share their stories to inspire and educate the public.

On Facebook today, Palscity founder Alphonce Juma posted, “Palscity Kenya Chapter wishes to invite you to be part of our joy as Palscity TV goes on air today 8th July, 2021, at 2 pm-3 pm. Come meet our 47 County Brand Ambassadors.” Since Palscity was launched in Kenya, Juma has been in the forefront line to ensure it gets a more extensive reach through social media.

Since he runs a digital marketing agency under ORACOM Group, this gives him a significant boost in providing the business with an online presence. And ever since, the only way he has been promoting Palscity is through online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Palscity itself.

He has invested much into affiliate marketing, something that most companies still fear to venture into, and they still have to hire many sales agents and representatives. For those that understand, affiliate marketing is almost the opposite of the traditional sales agents. With an affiliate program, companies hire affiliates as to their online sales agents.

A few weeks ago, Juma mentioned that Palscity is experiencing massive growth considering the number of subscriptions the platform receives in a day. It may seem simple to many people, but this platform will change Kenya’s entire marketing, careers, and networking processes.

The Palscity TV program launches its first operations by introducing each of its Palscity County Brand Ambassadors. From the information coming from the Palscity Communication desk, the brand ambassadors are expected to use the indigenous language to link directly to their county residence. This is going to give brand ambassadors a recognizable identity across the counties they represent. Let’s keep our heads high and see what Palscity TV has for us. Make sure you follow the program.