Palscity Plans for First Intercounty VFair and Awards in Kenya

Palscity Plans for First Intercounty VFair and Awards in Kenya

Virtual fairs are online events that offer employers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explain their company’s benefits and policies in depth. These virtual events work on a scale not achievable with physical fairs, making them perfect for large groups like family members or co-workers who may want more information about what they’re getting themselves into when working at your business.


Palscity is making the vision possible this December, they are organizing the first event in Kenya.

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Palscity – Kenya’s first social media site invites you to a Business Event dubbed “The Kenya Intercounty VFair & Awards.”

This event brings together top speakers, business people, sellers, and eCommerce players from 47 counties all over the country! You will leave room not only with new knowledge but also an improved understanding of how your company can benefit in this ever-changing world that we live in today as it draws upon both traditions yet advanced technology like never before for us old folks who remember when computers either needed batteries or had tape drives attached by jump cables (or whatever).

What is Unique About “The Kenya Intercounty VFair & Awards.”

The New and Enticing Virtual Technology

This is a high-level simulated 3D Technology Virtual Environment, aimed at exposing Businesses from the Constituency & County level into the National & Global arena backed by our 47 County Ambassadors and 500,000 plus Palscity Social Media users!

Events Details

Registration 15th-Oct-15th Nov

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Who to Attend the Event? And How Can You Attend the Vfair?

The future of social events is now available to you at your fingertips. Simply log into the city, Locate the Building, park your car, and walk over there – all without leaving home!

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You can chat with others about what’s happening in person or make new connections virtually by attending any number of networking booths that are set up throughout each venue (even ones not event-related). If it gets too hectic outside then just head inside for some fresh air; we’ve got plenty more rooms where these came from including help desks so no one will get lost on their journey through cyberspace 🙂

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Do you have a business? Is your product or service something that people can’t live without? If so, make sure to get in touch with our County Marketplaces! We offer many opportunities for vendors like yourself and we want everyone’s goods on display at all times- not just during events/deadlines when they will likely be most active buyers.

  • Are you a Seller, Vendor – Register on Your County Marketplace –
  • Would You want to Exhibit and Showcase what you Do – Book Booth or Space, Partner.
  • Are you a Service Provider – Register to Reach a Wider Market
  • Participate in the Awards – Nominate Your Business on