Palscity is Launching their County Ambassadors Program- A Win for Kenyan Businesses


It is a dream come true to Kenyan entrepreneurs, the long-awaited idea is today live, and Kenyans can watch, celebrate, and network with each other with minimal restrictions.

It is not a matter of supporting one of our own, but supporting a platform that fits our local businesses and international ones as well.

Over a couple of years, the giant social media apps have been introducing some tough restrictions for users that affect the overall online performance of every brand.

Everyone can remember what Donald Trump went through during the last election in the US. He lost all his social handles with millions of followers.

The main reason behind it is that the giant social media apps enjoy monopoly power where they face little competition. That’s almost coming to an end with Palscity expanding its reach in Kenya. The diversification is expected as the Founder Alphonce Juma promised to develop new and robust marketing strategies.

If you are not aware, Palscity is a social media platform developed by Oracom Group. Oracom Group company was founded in 2010 by Alphonce Juma. Since then, Oracom has shown consistent growth in terms of new inventions and innovations.

Oracom Group first made an eCommerce platform called Mybigorder, which is still doing well up to this moment. In fact, they are updating the whole site, which means it is again coming up with new features. Late last year, they launched Palscity, and now they are recruiting county ambassadors to help them run a brand awareness campaign.

The most interesting thing about this program is that it was conducted through an honest and transparent election. The participants campaigned for their lots; those who garner more votes at each county are declared winners.

The whole concept of Palscity combines several features and blocks under one roof to bring different people together. Whether you are an artist, DJ, entrepreneur, writer, blogger or even a painter, Palscity brings you closer to those that might be interested in your service or products.

It also pays through an affiliate program where you get paid kshs 10 for every successful referral made. Where can you even get a platform that pays you for making quality postings? None but only at Palscity.

We don’t encourage you to go and start posting for money but post contents that can make a difference in someone’s life. Whether for business inspiration or career growth, it is you who decide on what you’re passionate about.

Several leaders expected during this launch, and Alphonse Juma shared the details on all his social media accounts. He also shared the link for the zoom that people can use to join the launch. The winners are expected to get enough training and free digital courses that can lift them professionally.

Maybe this can be a chance to give your business a breakthrough; you may join to meet, network, share and discover your fellows within your niche.