ORADMA Agency is Making A Major Comeback with a New Website


Since the Covid-19 hit, every business is striving to perfect its online presence. ORADMA digital marketing agency was not left behind. It made a robust strategy and content plan for their website. It is not the same as it was a couple of years ago.

What is ORADMA Agency?

ORACOM is one of the best companies that keep on inventing and investing in new ideas. ORADMA is a digital marketing agency under the ORACOM group. A few months ago, ORACOM Group launched the first social media platform in Kenya called Palscity.

Palscity is already doing well based on their founder Alphonse Juma’s presentation during the Plascity County Brand Ambassadors. Key speakers like Prof. Bitange Ndemo, Hellen Mtawali, and Roy Sasaka.

ORACOM seems to have achieved much, and they are not showing an interest in stopping soon. The revamping of ORADMA digital marketing agency shows how they are determined to change the online landscapes for businesses.

For sure, ORACOM Group is a company that tech companies should be much careful with. It may overtake app development, web design, eCommerce, and content production niches and be the first priority for businesses.

What is New About ORADMA Digital Marketing Agency?
It is making a significant comeback with a reliable team to push the front wheel of marketing. ORADMA has conducted practical training for their digital marketing agency staff to keep them updated with crucial skills and trends in the online space.

It has a media team from photographers to videography to help in creating content for businesses. Don’t make your website boring with stock photos; they don’t show the actual brand identity. And so, you need to hire professional photographers and videographers to make your website attractive.

What team does ORADMA digital marketing agency have in place?
ORADMA has the best media buyer who has been in the industry for an extended period. When setting social media campaigns, Google Display, and YouTube Ads, ORADMA has a specialist to help you develop the ads. Setting ads is not enough; you need to monitor and make changes more regularly.

And ORADMA provides a package that combines all aspects.
They have experienced and qualified SEO specialists that help in maintaining and customizing web content. The team ensures that websites are ranking under the relevant keywords.

For those looking for social media marketing, email marketing, content production, and general digital marketing services, ORADMA is the only agency you need on your priority list. Utilize the presence of the internet to keep your business rolling in front of a relevant audience that you can convert into sales and leads.