Online Shopping Sites in Kenya – Foodstuffs and Other Household Items


Online shopping sites have become so popular in Kenya. In fact, it’s like every other form of business has been given a relatively good online presence and can equally be identified as an online site. But this is not the kind of online shopping site that we are about to discuss in this article.

If someone was to pose a question, ‘is your business online?’ Your guess is as right as mine; almost every other business person would answer to the affirmative. That is just an example of how online shopping ‘sites’ have become rampant in Kenya.

These days if you want to shop, you have no tangible reason to get you walking out of your house. You can get absolutely everything from right where you are. Whether delivery is free or paid for, the item will be delivered to you.

Even with the much online selling and buying, if you are a keen ‘online Kenyan’ you must have realized that it’s easier to get some things online than it is to get others. A good example is a mobile phone; no matter the make, you will get one from an online seller.

But have you ever thought about the available online shopping sites for foodstuffs? Like your Blueband runs out right now and you need to get it without stepping out. Probably you don’t have any reliable seller who can deliver it to your house. The option available is maybe you call a rider (delivery person) and ask them to pick the item for you from the supermarket.

Now there is this online shopping master who seems to be ahead of time, Mybigorder Kenya. This is an online supermarket from where you can buy anything, including a match box and have it delivered to your house. With Mybigorder, the queues in our traditional supermarkets will be reduced greatly.

Yes, online shopping sites in Kenya may be many, but to find an efficient one for foodstuffs has been a tough task all this while. Thanks to the brains behind Mybigorder, the burden is now off our shoulders.