Mybigorder Makes a Big Entrance into the Kenya Supermarket space with Its Launch Coming on 8th August 2021

Mybigorder Makes a Big Entrance into the Kenya Supermarket space with Its Launch Coming on 8th August 2021

Kenya’s e-commerce marketplace Mybigorder is set to launch a supermarket on 8th August 2021 in Gachie, Kiambu County, Kenya that is strategically located to serve Nairobi and All counties through their program of Physical Supermarket shopping, Doorstep on Demand Delivery, and Pickup. The KCB Lions Den made this news through the founder Mr. Alphonce Juma through this Palscity Account, a social media platform innovated by him and that has so far attracted over 100,000 people in less than 3 active months.

Though it’s not clear, rumors have it that Mybigorder has acquired the SmartPoa Supermarket since the space that was to launch the Supermarket did not open its doors after a long wait only for Mybigorder to take that space.

There was a big mini launch on 25th July 2021 at the same venue as the Supermarket Announced great Offers for the main launch coming up on 8th August 2021. The amazing offers include; For every Kshs. 1,000 spent gives you a chance to earn A 24 inch Smart TV, A smart phone, 8 gift hampers each for categories Mama’s (Mothers), Baba’s (Fathers), Vijana (Youth), Watoto (Kids), Mama Mboga (Small Grocery Kiosk vendors), Boba Roda (Riders), Makanga (Touts). To add to the list, there will be FREE 1kg Ugali Unga to the 1st 24 physical supermarket shoppers and another 24 for online shoppers on 31st July. The offers cover shopping made between 25th July – 8th August.

During the mini launch announcement, there was a huge crowd drawn by the famous DJ Jerry Joe and MC Zidii with a host of Dancers including the Maasai Dancer. This they say is just a tip of the big launch coming up on 8th August.

The CEO and Founder Mr. Alphonce Juma know to inspire Entrepreneurs and change/impact lives through the many innovations he has done also announced a secluded space for Mama Mbogas who will now be able to sell their Vegetables and Fruits inside the supermarket at no FEE. This move has been lauded by the many people in the community and is seen to uplift and give opportunities that goes alongside the group Palscity slogan run by 47 county brand Ambassadors.

After spending a couple of months revamping their website, Mybigorder made a piece of exciting news on Friday morning that they are opening up a new supermarket plus a wholesale and online shop in Nairobi.

The news comes a day after the Oracom Group conducted a free training on E-commerce and county marketplaces. The training was to enlighten people on how they can use the eCommerce platform to harness their business growth. And to people looking for opportunities, the program was to educate them on how they can make money through referrals or what is called affiliate marketing, recruiting vendors and selling products online, and making money through commission.

The main ambition of Mybigorder is to promote local brands and give them an excellent online presence. You can imagine if someone is to start an eCommerce or online, they must look for a web designer, pay for yearly domains and maintenance.

They also need to pay or hire a graphic designer to provide creative designs that help in marketing initiatives. That is not enough; they will also spend a lot of time recruiting the delivery team. All these operations make it even harder for small brands to think of taking their businesses online.

Mybigorder takes up all the responsibilities and gives small brands a viable environment to take their products online without necessarily breaking their accounts. Entrepreneurs need to list their products on the Mybigorder eCommerce platform and leave other operations for them. Mybigorder does different group marketplaces together and makes it easy for customers to make their purchases from people around them.

It links marketplaces together, and customers can make their purchases from wherever they are effortless. The opening up of a new shop will speed up the growth of Mybigorder since they now have two supermarkets owned by them. They always say, “If you want to lead, start with showing examples that you can become the best leader.” Mybigorder is showing its examples of leading in the online shopping environment.