Technology at its Peak During the ‘Vijana na Biashara’ Expo | MLK Impact Awards 2019


Technology has been praised for how it has made and still is making businesses more and more efficient. This has never been real as it was on Friday, 27 September at the August 7th Memorial Park during the ‘Youth in Business’ Expo.

The event was planned by ‘My Leader Kenya,’ a community-based organization working with the youth in Kenya. The aim is to cheer the young ones on in whatever they are doing.

My leader Kenya is a platform for telling stories of impact regarding the youth that the mainstream media might not get to come into contact with. They also seek to challenge the youth to work independently and make impact at whatever position they are in.

The ‘Vijana na Biashara’ Expo attracted about 500 youth from all over Kenya. All the 47 counties were well represented in the event. Those who have already existing businesses were offered exhibition booths where they show-cased what they are doing in a bid to transform Kenya.

The event kicked off early in the morning at around 8.30 AM and run the whole day up to 6.00 PM.  The Key  speakers were carefully selected, a people of different  societal influence but all who are into the ‘Youth business.’

Some of these speakers at the event ncluded;

Chief Guest:

Betty Adera– Miss President, 2019. Founder, Betty Adera Foundation and Patron, Young Women Forum in Africa.

Her talk was titled, ‘Being Young is not Enough.’ The message she gave to the youth is that they cannot justify their inadequacy with being young- there is always something a youth can do even with no money. The youth have the potential to transform this nation if only they believed in themselves and are willing to rise up and act their ideas.

Speaking from abroad

The attendants were amazed at how My Leader Kenya managed to incorporate Speakers who are not in the country through communication technology. These three key speakers participated from abroad;

Ambassador Sarah Serem from China– Handled the topic, Thinking Outside Kenya (Global Opportunities)

Joanne Mwangi from Accra, Ghana – Topic, Business Growth and the Role of Investors

Prof. JM Okello from Canada– Entrepreneurship Philosopher- Topic, The Life of an Entrepreneur (Just Start, Don’t Wait)

Other Key Speakers who were able to attend the event physically included:

Nerima Wako – CEO, Siasa Place

Immaculate Salaon– Founder and Director, Community Initiative Agenda (CIA)

Dr. Shem Ochuodho – Chairman, Kenyan Diaspora Alliance & eTrade

Joel Karubiu– CEO, KENIC

Anthony Kibagendi– Director, Youth Affairs, Office of the Deputy President

Umi Harun Mohamed– Founder and Director, Kesho Alliance (1st Runner Up- Miss President 2019)

Ahmed Maalim Adow– Dialogue and Governance Reforms Officer, CMD Kenya

Mbuki Mburu– Civic Engagement Officer, PAWA 254

The youth got an opportunity to ask the panelists questions about issues affecting them. In the afternoon, they sat in discussion groups where they were able to pin-point the challenges they are experiencing in the 9 thematic areas of My Leader Kenya. These are issues to do with;

  1. Health
  2. Climate Change & Environment
  3. Leadership and governance
  4. Gender and Equality
  5. Agriculture
  6. Education
  7. Peace & Conflict Management
  8. Arts, Sports and Culture
  9. Innovation & Infrastructure

Later in the evening, The first MLK Impact Awards was held where winners were rewarded in different ways for their impact on the youth issues.

Here are the #MLKImpactAwards 2019 winners:

  1. Leading Higher Learning Institution Associations– University of Nairobi Student Association (UNSA)
  2. Leading Promoter of Youth Agenda– Walter Chabala
  3. Leading Government Innovations for Youth– Kenya Youth Empowerment and Opportunities Project – KYEOP
  4. Leading Innovations in the Youth Space by Companies– Equity Bank ; Wings To Fly
  5. Leading Artist Promoting Youth Agenda– Poet Griffins Ndhine (The Beast)
  6. Leading County in Supporting & Promoting Youth Agenda– County Government of Nandi
  7. Leading Social Media Influencer Promoting Positive Youth Agenda – Okango Arnold
  8. Leading Politicians Promoting Youth Agenda / Has Youths at Heart– Governor Mbuvi Gideon Kioko (Mike Sonko)
  9. Leading Media House (Radio) that promotes more Positive Youth Content– KASS FM
  10. Leading Media House (TV) that promotes more Positive Youth Content– Metropol TV
  11. Leading Employer of the Youths- Large Companies– Safaricom PLC
  12. Leading Employer of Youths- Startups– Andela IT Company
  13. Leading Organization in Empowering Lives of the Youth– Emerging Leaders Foundation (ILF)
  14. Leading Innovation Supporting Youth in Business– LaGiacca Water
  15. Leading TV Programme Supporting Youth Empowerment– NENETESETAI by Jackie Arusrei
  16. Leading Political Party that has given more Youths Chances to LeadJubilee Party

Employment of technology in the #VijanaNaBiashara event was on another level. MLK being an organization run by the youth for the youth taught all who were present that there’s actually nothing unachievable where hard work and zeal  are concerned.