Live Chat: Why You Should Install One on Your E-commerce Website


A live chat for e-commerce site is an inevitable tool for any person interested in maintaining a great customer service. As a backbone of every business, customer service is the basis to developing your business. The testimonials from your past customers are the number one marketing tools for your business. Happy customers will automatically spread good word about your business. This both widens and strengthens your customer base leading to growth.

A live chat is a customer service software that is installed on your business website. This online tool enables you offer real-time support (customer care service) as they engage with your site. It also plays a major role in analyzing how your website is performing and whether there is a good ROI or not.

Study shows that if a customer engages on a live chat conversation, the likelihood of them completing a purchase or contacting you later to purchase is 2.8 times more than other web users.

Live chat can increase conversions by at least 40%. This means having better results with the same amount of marketing. Simply put, it’s increased return on investment (ROI). The internet is full of websites offering the same service or products you are offering. A live chat helps you do something different from the rest.

Live chat typically cuts support costs. Assuming you have 50 people leaving you their contacts on your site, you’d need airtime enough for the 50 calls daily just to understand what exactly they are interested in. Unfortunately, may be only 3 out of such would get converted for business. That’s why a live chat would be very appropriate; with it you can serve double the number without any support cost.

Live chat satisfies customer expectations. The good thing with a live chat is that it allows potential clients converse in anonymity. This way, they are free to ask deeper questions which may be they would have hesitated to ask with identity. This mostly helps when you need feedback; it’s good to know how satisfied your clients are – never assume!

Live chat for e-commerce answers complex questions in depth as per the web user’s need. Unlike other tools such as online forms, phone calls or even emails, a live chat enables you to handle clients concerns in all depth. This is because ‘you are with the person there.’ They can tell you to clarify, explain or expound on an issue and you part comfortable that the person is satisfied.

A live chat for e-commerce websites must have these three basic factors; speed, responsiveness and assistance. For you to achieve the best from this tool, you must be fast in the manner you respond to the users’ inquiries and you must have the solutions. There is no time to fumble online- the aim should be to convert within the shortest time possible. Now that you know the importance of a live chat on your website, have it installed, save money and increase sales.