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  • Thursday, 26 May 2022
How to make money online in Kenya

How to make money online in Kenya

There have been many money-making platforms in Kenya that have come and perished. Consequently, In this article, I will speak about making money online with Palscity. Palscity is a social media platform just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. It also empowers young people how to make money online.

Ideally, Palscity was launched in December 2020 and officially started its member recruitment in May 2021. Since then, it has attracted more than 350,000 active users.

Palscity is Launching their County Ambassadors Program- A Win for Kenyan Businesses

Palscity started its affiliate program in June 2021, where they reward someone by referring friends and family to join Palscity and using the platform.

How to Get Started With Palscity

These are some of the ways that you can earn online with Palscity

  1. Referrals: 

This has been the most popular way of making money online money. You refer a user to Palscity using your affiliate link, and you earn 10Ksh. You can pick your affiliate Link here.

In addition, there is a Campaign run by the Palscity CEO called #BeatPalscityCEO. This is also meant to make people earn online. When you refer more people than the CEO within a month, you are paid an extra 1000Ksh on top of the money you have made through referrals. The campaign statistics are live here.

  1. Earn Points and Bonuses: 

Your online presence should not be a liability; it should add value, and that is why Palscity introduced the second way to earn online, and that is through using our platform. You make money online by using Palscity. These points are earned through Posting good content or writing good blogs- See your points grow here. This is how you can earn:

  • Earn 50 points when you blog
  • 5 points when you post
  • 2 points when you comment
  • 1 point when you react, like, etc
  1. Earn Big on Palscity Mother Company Projects: 

They have higher commissions and pay better and well. Our mother company Oracom Group has over 12 years of experience in Web Solutions and is a market leader.

  • Mybigorder Affiliates 

Earn commission as an agent/affiliate on our online shop when people buy products online. Have products across the country. Refer Vendors/Sellers, and Customers earn when they make their 1st purchase. Earn when you refer a Vendor to Palscity.-

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  • Web Solutions Affiliates

Refer a Domain, Hosting, SSL, Emails, Gsuite, Google Services, Website, Bulk SMS, Photography, Video, Internet Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, Voice Over –Earn 10% Commission (Oracom Web Solutions LTD)-

You can Join Palscity at www.palsity.com. Palscity is free to join, and no investments are needed. Palscity has assembled all frequently asked questions about making money Online at their Help Centre. To also help young people be productive even as they enjoy online presence.

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