G-Suite Email Resellers in Kenya- Oracom Group Partners with Google


G-suite email resellers in Kenya; to become one, there are a number of requirements that one need to meet. That explains why there are no as many Google products resellers in Kenya. If for instance, you would like to sell a particular product, let’s say, G-suite mails, then there are certain things that Google needs from you.

Being a Google reseller, regardless of the product is therefore a big thing. Every relevant techy company would be willing to be one. Now there are these Kenyan techy gurus who never stops amazing. They grow both day and night!

The mark of your business growth is the developments that happen therein. If for example, you were to evaluate a retail shop, you’d only talk of business growth where stock has increased, customers are more, may be another branch is opened and so on.

There are just some things that we will look at and feel confident to say that you’ve grown. Now let us analyze our techy company in this case. Oracom Web Solutions, does that name sound familiar? If you are a Kenyan who finds an hour or so a day on the internet, then you should be knowing Oracom.

G-suite email resellers in Kenya must adhere to all measures provided by Google.  Some of these are: sell at least 100 G-suite licenses, take a business credit check test and pass, go through an anti-bribery due diligence evaluation, and of course, Google won’t work with a company that is not registered. The whole process of application and approval takes a few weeks and you can be sure not many people qualify.

Back to Oracom- this is one of the few companies that we have been observing for the last few years and their growth is written all over the walls. The company which started only 10 years ago has now a total of 10 brands within. These brands do different things but are all on the objective of providing online solutions and making Kenya a more digital nation. Palscity is their latest- a social media platform that has integrated features found in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more- very interesting!

The company has joined a few others in reselling G-Suite Email in Kenya. So, what does G-suite helps with? If you are a business person, probably you have a domain (if not, you should have one today); this enables you have branded emails which adds to the credibility of your company. These branded emails can however get hectic as the webmail UI is not as user-friendly. There is therefore a need for you to have G-suite license so that you can use your emails on Google.

G-Suite email resellers in Kenya have brought the service closer home and now Oracom has made it even better. Have your G-suite, send emails, create calendars, enjoy Google drive, hangouts and a lot more. Congratulations Oracom!