Daring With myBIGOrder: What is Happening in Nairobi City?


Above is the question that kept ringing in my mind as I drove across the city a while ago. It did not seem to me a normal brand activation seeing teams of young Kenyans handing out flyers to motorists in very high spirits. Even before you were handed the flyer, the kind of salutation that these people offered was enough to shed off any morning stress that would be setting in. On receiving my flyer, I read ‘Daring With myBIGOrder! Join the Buzz.’ Like any other good Kenyan would do, I drove off planning to read the whole information later when I have time.

A while later I met another team, still branded ‘myBIGOrder- Search. Find. Order’. Now that I had my flyer I decided to drive past them until I got into traffic at some point near Junction Mall. Aren’t these the same people I met at Parklands? The myBIGOrder team was here again. Being an interviewer by profession, I decided not to wait till I could read the flyer; I had to seek more understanding of this buzz and how one gets to join it. So myBIGOrder is an order-taking platform that offers Kenyans a place they can order for both products and services!

The daring part is the fact that the brand ambassadors were not some youths hired to do the activation for myBIGOrder. Every one of them is a staff at the company. They had all left the office except for about 5 people who were left behind to offer customer support services. Their bosses were as well out in the streets, not to supervise how the teams were performing; but to do the same job. What a passion!

myBIGOrder must be one of the most interesting place to work at in Kenya. How jovial every one of these young people looked was just amazing. They did not seem bothered with such thoughts as ‘what if my friends see me here as they drive to work doing some cheap BA (brand ambassador) job?’ To them, everything seemed just as fan and that could be the reason they got almost all motorists lowering their windows to pick that flyer.

myBIGOrder Kenya is not only big in the orders it is giving the enrolled merchants, but also in teamwork. Talk to a few employers around you and get to understand how difficult it would be to get employees to go to the streets to do such a thing as myBIGOrder got into. Even with an extra pay, most employees would not agree to such. If it was possible, someone would just porch the whole of this team including their bosses to go work for them in their companies.

Finding technologists doing some brand activation is for sure a big DARE. myBIGOrder tried it and they managed to do it perfectly and successfully. I’m always selling them for free to my friends and family and I no longer leave either my house or office to go do shopping. They dared themselves and in return dared us fellow Kenyans to shop from this platform. It is a great innovation in technology. I had to join the buzz!