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  • Friday, 27 May 2022
How to choose the best headphones for your intended use

How to choose the best headphones for your intended use

Headphones and earbuds (what most people refer to as earphones) are devices that almost everyone who owns a mobile phone owns. However, most of these people use the free earbuds that come with their phones during purchase.

The fact is that once you buy a phone and it comes with the earbuds, that is what you continue using until they either spoil or they get lost. Only then will you find a person going back to the shop to buy a new pair.

Have you ever given it a thought what factors you need to consider when buying earbuds or headphones? Probably no- it is one of the things that we as consumers have not taken very seriously.

There are two major use categories for which headphones are classified, that is professional and consumer-based use. A number of people prefer having the earbuds, for example, IEM (In-Ear Monitor) or Inner oral earbuds. This is in consideration of their lower price in comparison with the headphones and may be the size for those who don’t like bulk.

One important thing to note is that earbuds are not the best when it comes to prolonged use. If for instance, you use the IEM, you are probably listening to music more loudly than you ought to which can damage your ears.

While the purpose of both earphones and earbuds is to listen to audio files, there are a number of factors that a person ought to consider while buying these accessories. One, expensive does not always mean quality and neither does cheap.

Let your first decision be either headphones or earbuds; settle for one. If you would like something that will always fit in your small purse, get earbuds. If storage space is not a limiting factor for you, then grab some headphones.

Going for cheaper will probably leave you in problems soon after buying your earbuds. This is whereby you find them falling off your ears. The cheap plastic can also leave your ears hurt to an extent that you can contract some serious infections.

Pay for the value. If you are not willing to pay for it, you will probably not get it. Quality earbuds are made with better materials which are more expensive. You might therefore be required to pay more to get a better sound.

Test it. Check whether what you are hearing is what you are looking for. Listen to some audio before leaving that shop. Is that the bass you are looking for? What about the volume range?

Closed earphones will keep the sound isolated in that you will not hear any other sound from the environment. At the same time, another person cannot hear what it is that you are listening to.

Open earphones are more comfortable to use than the closed ones. However, a person seated next to you will equally hear what you are listening to. Environmental noise will at the same time distract your listening. They are best for home and indoor use.

Choosing both earbuds and headphones is an exercise that should be done with a lot of care and consideration.

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