#BuyersRushWeek April Version – myBIGOrder.com


#BuyersRushWeek comes every 1st Monday of every month. We still remain the only platform that strives to give your company, products, services and you as an expert a complete Online Presence. With a strong Digital Marketing support from our mother company www.oracomgroup.com we know that to be #DigitalyFit as a company is the trend.

Our monthly promos are back. This time bigger and better with over 1,000 companies listed on myBIGOrder selling over 30,000 products and services. The clock ticks on 1st April 2019 at midnight and runs for 24 hours and resumes the following day for a whole week.


PreWeek (24th-30th Mar) – Merchants ensure their accounts are ready, get trained, get photography for products.

Date Agenda Activities
Buildup 24-23/3/19 All categories / Planning Promo, Online, Meetings, Trainings
Mon  1/4/19 Finance, Education & Health Vlog, Online
Tue    2/4/19 Agriculture, Home & Office, Industry Vlog, Online
Wed  3/4/19 Property, Building, Transport & Auto Vlog, Online
Thu    4/4/19 Sports, Groups, IT, Electronics, Mobile Vlog, Online
Fri      5/4/19 Fashion, Clothing, Beauty & Wellness Vlog, Online, Offline
Sat     6/4/19 Tours, Travel, Food, Hotel & Entertainment Vlog, Online

NB: Merchants or Experts in corresponded dates can apply to be featured on the vlog via email info@mybigorder.com or info@digitallyfit.top

What is there for You?

1. Buyers/Customers
a) Offers and Discounts: You will find the same brands and buy at better rates and discounts directly from the many companies and businesses
b) A large Collection of Products: Find over 30,000 products from different Businesses and always at better rates
c) Enquiry / Bargain: You can now enquire and bargain before buying the products / services. This reaches the merchants directly.
d) Experts: Buyers can now expand their shopping accounts to experts and consultants.

2. Merchants
a) List your Business: Listing your Business makes you be visible. This helps in brand awareness
b) Sell Services & Products: Selling both services and products is a big plus. This means more orders and more enquiries pushed directly to you.
c) Digital Marketing: With an account now you have access to digital marketing platforms like Bulk SMS, email marketing, domain, social media marketing as well as digital marketing training.
d) DigitallyFit Show; Our vlog is the new hit in town. We tell your company, product or service story using video and ensure it gets to the public.

3. Drivers
a) Deliveries: Deliveries are on Demand. Order and have it on the way by a pool of drivers including riders, pickups and lorries
b) Deliver with Us: You can now join our pool of drivers and riders.

We aim to help businesses grow their sales by over 50% during this months sales as well as grow their leads and successful sales. Join the Buzz and keep looking on #BuyersRushWeek