Bulk SMS for Small Businesses, Resellers, Marketers, Companies in Kenya – Benefits


The use of Bulk SMS for small business has brought about growth unexplainable. This is the form of marketing that places the starters at the same level with the big companies at very low costs. Bulk SMS marketing is one of the cheapest form of marketing in Kenya.

One of the good things with Bulk SMS is the fact that it is not border restricted. If one wants to market their products to some neighbouring countries, all they would need are their targets’ phone contacts. Bulk SMS is an easy form of marketing, there are no complex technologies employed.

You therefore need not have any technical skills to use it. Once you get your API, you won’t even need a credit card to reach your target customers. Sell in and out of Kenya at an instance.

Other services that go together with Bulk SMS include, Ring Back Tones (RBT), Short Code, USSD and Databases. Oramobile, an award winning Bulk SMS company in Kenya offers you a free Bulk SMS account. Consult them for inquiry on Mobile marketing solutions and they will assist you.

Bulk SMS for small businesses is not only a recipe, but also the key ingredients for the recipe. It is one of the items that should never miss in your marketing strategy. Whether yours is a start-up, an existing small business or a corporate firm, you are missing a lot if you have not yet started Bulk SMSing.