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  • Thursday, 26 May 2022
Bulk SMS Marketing in Kenya: Role in Election Campaigns

Bulk SMS Marketing in Kenya: Role in Election Campaigns

Bulk SMS marketing services are becoming more and more popular each day. It seems as the easiest way to communicate to mass public. Bulk SMS is a service applicable in all sectors of life including, education, religion, work environment and so on. Political parties have realized the efficiency of mobile campaign and hence are using Bulk SMS services in their campaigns. Bulk SMS facilitates moderation of the campaigns. Now political parties have shifted their strategies for election campaigns & political strategies from print to online media. It is a cost effective and effortless way to promote their candidate and their party among the public. It enables ease communication with large volume of public.

Mobile services such as Bulk SMS have become the best way of sending information and promoting both products and services. Mobile marketing have played a major role in the popularity of mobile phones, smart phones & other mobile devices in Kenya and elsewhere. Political parties and individual members are using BULK SMS Service to communicate with their volunteers and general public to convey messages.

Do you want most of the votes?

You need to find an attractive way to keep in touch with people during election campaign and after it. Only through Bulk SMS can you be sure to reach people even in the remote regions, now that mobile phones are available everywhere.

Why it is so important to keep in touch with people?

During political campaigns, people get information from several parties and politicians by media; reaching your voters through BULK SMS Service will enable you develop a closer relationship with them as mobile phones are personal gadgets. 

How it can be done?

Find a communication channel that can allow you to reach your targeted people and communicate with them instantly at any time and  place. There is no better one than Bulk SMS.

Where can it be useful?

For Internal and outdoor meetings or moreover to keep in touch with people so as to update them about your development projects. Bulk SMS can be done through different ‘routes’ for instance, transactional or promotional route. Voice messaging is also an important aspect of this as the members of the public are able to connect with you as in a one-on-one conversation. 

Advantages of campaigning through  Bulk SMS services

  • It helps you make your election campaign unique and attract more public to support you. Sending SMS to the public makes increases their trust in you. It also creates a personal touch as an SMS is personal.
  • The cost of messages is significantly less than any other promotion tool. It saves lots of time as it reaches a mass faster than most of the other channels.
  • Response rate for SMS is higher than in emails as mobile phones have become popular, increasing readership greatly.
  • Through Bulk SMS services, it is easier to reach the young generation who are always on their mobile phones and not necessarily keep on the mainstream media such as radio and TV.

More on the Bulk SMS services:

Bulk SMS services are also used for sending important information by political parties to their party members and general public.

  • All important information reaches the right person at the right time. It brings the public up-to-date with all your meetings and rallies.

To learn more about using Bulk SMS during political campaigns, you can check Oramobile

Be sure to buy such a service from a provider who offers user-friendly  interface with features such as, SMS scheduler. Also consider their support team and availability of training to help you ‘do it yourself.’

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