Blockchain and its value proposition for Digital Marketing


Blockchain is a way by which information is stored and distributed but not copied. The technology makes use of a single ledger, on which all the transactions are recorded and verified.

It is virtually impossible to alter entries in a blockchain giving it unmatched levels of transparency and efficiency.

As a business, blockchain allows you to connect directly with your clients  and offer your services without the need of an intermediary.

How can today’s digital marketer benefit from this technology?

Cost savings

Want to create awareness for your products?

Current digital Marketing media require an intermediary. With Blockchain, you can connect with your audience directly and save on costs.

Build trust with transparency

New activities are recorded and verified before being added as a block on the blockchain. This record is shared and cannot be manipulated.

Applications and smart contracts can be used to create marketing tools that can be used to increase your customers’ trust. For instance, a smart contract could be used to track production process in a way that is transparent and verifiable. This contract is then used alongside other marketing media to inspire consumer confidence.

Rewards and Referral

Want to reward your loyal customers for their efforts?

Everything on the blockchain is recorded and can be verified. It is easy to track activities and quantify the value of your stakeholders.

Rewards can be awarded even in very small units (micro-units) at negligible cost.

Security and Safety

Want your clients to feel safe interacting with you?

Blockchains are by design immutable. Records cannot be altered.

All personal information is left in the hands of the owner and are protected with cryptographic keys and are making it virtually impossible to hack.


Every business person want to inspire their customer base as a forward looking business.

Embracing emerging technologies like blockchain creates an image of a confident innovative business.

Blockchain is becoming popular each day. Soon, this might be the only language for business globally. Don’t be shy; embrace technology to drive your business to  success.