Black Friday Sales on Services and Digital Products


Black Friday sales have started on a very high note this year. May be it’s because of the economic status with the Covid19. Now all these years I have been on the look-out for the black Friday deals, I have never thought about how the same applies on services.

Do service providers offer clients discounts on Black Fridays? To be honest with you, I have not witnessed this in the past recent years I have been keen on Black Friday offers. Until some hours ago that I bumped into a poster on FB and I saw a lot of techy services on offer.

Talk of web design, mobile services, domain and hosting, digital marketing training, and so on. The company has decided it’s time their clients felt appreciated. They have taken these promos a notch higher and I think other service providers should embrace that and follow suit.

Black Friday discounted sales shouldn’t be seen as only concerning the products sellers. All business people need to come out and give their customers a ‘thank you’ handshake. They need to understand that a happy client is the best marketing tool.

This November, make them happy like Oracom Web Solutions has done. You can even choose to gift them with something free. If you do interior design for instance, you can offer to pimp some room at no cost. If you are in the transport sector, you can offer some drinking water to the passengers.

Appreciating your customers is very necessary and it doesn’t have to cost you much. The gesture speaks louder than the cost- it is actually what gives your offer the value. Don’t just sit there marketing and serving your customers and let the chain break immediately a project is done.

Black Friday sales are of course much with products, but maybe it’s because the service providers have not seized the opportunity. You may not have the same experience with a business person operating on products but be sure your experience will impress you. Let your customers know you care.