Black Friday Offers in Kenya 2020


I know Black Friday offers are knocking at every door you have accessible this November. Yes, it is the second last month of the year. The month when buyers get the opportunity to buy almost everything at some discounted prices.

Actually, Black Friday should be the fourth Friday of November which falls on 27th this year. However, sellers see it better to maximize on the opportunity hence they start their discounted sales immediately November kicks in. That is how Black Friday has become a month-long sales period.

In Kenya, most people hear Black Friday and all that comes to mind is Jumia. This article would like to bring to light several other sellers, mostly e-commerce who have good offers in the season. It is always good to work with alternatives, it saves money and time. You also have somewhere else to run to in case of disappointments.

Some of the online places you are likely to get good Black Friday offers include, Jiji, Kilimall, Sky Garden, Jumia, Jamboshop, ShopIt and Mybigorder Kenya. Allow me tell you something brief about this Mybigorder. It is an e-commerce platform that operates uniquely from the rest. They have both online and physical supermarkets and they deal with all categories of products.

People have been doing their house shopping from the online shop, especially during the pandemic. I have tested them and was impressed by their service. The communication flow, packaging and delivery was something I had not experienced before. Their products are usually highly discounted, maybe it’s the place to start during this month of discounts.

Black Friday offers are a thing that every buyer should take advantage of. If I would show you the electronic I acquired last year at about half its normal price, you’d probably find it hard to believe. If you have been desiring, for instance, a refrigerator, this may be the best time to buy it. Check out what Black Friday has for you. You will be shocked to find some items going for as low as ‘80% off.’ What are you waiting for?