Black Friday 2020: 2 Kg Unga Going for 1bob at Mybigorder Kenya


Black Friday 2020 has presented one of the craziest deals ever heard in Kenya. Probably you have previously heard online shops give offers such as selling a 2kg packet of maize flour at Kshs. 20 during their flash sales. Such sales of course happen at some specified times, mostly late at night when almost everyone is deep asleep.

Have you ever tried to ask yourself why flash sales happen at some weird hours? Your guess is as good as mine- the trick is to lock out most of the people as the seller may not be in a position to sustain high sales at such discounted prices. Now it calls for some sacrifice on the buyer’s side if you are to grab something in a ‘flash sale market.’

Black Friday 2020 has unveiled some market giants whose offers may sound unbelievable! Mybigorder Kenya announced in their marketing posters for Black Friday deals that they would be selling a 2Kg packet of unga at Ksh. 1. That’s hard to believe. Actually, it looked like one of those errors where some 2 zeros got omitted by mistake.

True to their word, on Friday, 06 November 2020, Mybigorder Kenya opened their Black Friday sales with a 2kg Unga at 1 bob. Besides that, they have various valuable free gifts that they are offering their customers. That sounds like, ‘shop up to Kshs. 5,000 and get a shopping bag and a 1Kg bar soap for free’ promotion.

Amazingly, at Mybigorder, free gifts are absolutely unconditional! All that one needs to do is visit their website, spin the Fortune Wheel, win your gift, do a screenshot, email to them as per the instructions on your gift and just like that, you have your gift. It was a whole 1 hour of spinning and winning.

Here are some of the gifts that customers won last Friday: free domains, free websites (design), free cash to shop on Mybigorder supermarket, others were credited up to Kshs. 500 on their Palscity wallets and most people carried home the 2Kg Unga for free. So far, this is the best to be seen during a Black Friday market. Winning at no cost on your end!

Black Friday 2020 is something every Kenyan should be on the lookout for. The deals that Mybigorder are offering on their items, household items, foodstuffs, electronics, baby products and so on are simply out of this world! Some free advice for you: when you have a chance to buy for less, never buy for more. #MybigorderBlackFriday