Types and Top Best Ecommerce Websites Worth Investment in 2021

Types of ecommerce websites
Best Ecommerce Websites


Best Online Shops and Ecommerce Websites

ECommerce is the new trend in the market space. Ideally, people prefer to get serviced in the comfort of their homes. The main reason is that; some are trying to avoid crowded spaces amid the Corona Virus pandemic.


Consequently, some hate the long queues in the physical shops and supermarkets. Or some hate the massive traffic on roads. No matter the case, people must always have genuine reasons for shopping online.




What is eCommerce?

For those unfamiliar with this term, eCommerce is a digital shop where customers post their orders online. And get them delivered to them at the appropriate time and location.


Business savvies define it as buying and selling goods through the internet. As a result, it involves transferring data and money for a complete sale. The data associated with eCommerce includes customer’s contact details, location and payment method.


Types and best eCommerce sites or online shops

Four major traditional models constitute different types of eCommerce. But why are we sharing all this information? To help you understand the best online shops in Kenya. Whether you’re looking for the best online clothing shops in Kenya. Or any other products, this article is your best guide.


The types of eCommerce will guide you in deciding about the best online clothes shopping sites worth your attention. For investors, this will help you make the right decision.


Here are the four types of eCommerce sites:


B2C- Business to Customer Ecommerce

B2C is a type of eCommerce where a business sells directly to its final consumer. They don’t involve intermediaries in between their supply chain. The B2C model is the common eCommerce sites available in the market. There are numerous approaches available under this umbrella.

What is the B2C Model?

Everything you buy in an online store as an end consumer. Think about your TV, sound system, phone, laptop or even a gas cooker- that is part of a B2C transaction.


However, the process of deciding on B2C is a bit shorter than B2B.  Furthermore, the decision making must involve the CEO, finance office, or any other department involved in making new purchases. Because of this shorter sales model, B2C spend less on marketing to make a sale. It also reduces the average order value and less recurring orders compared to the B2B model.


B2B- Business to Business

B2B is a business model that sells its product or service to another business. In most scenarios, the buyer becomes the end-user. Or consumer, and sometimes the buyer resells to the end consumer. It mostly applies to businesses that sell to wholesalers. 


B2B business model has a longer sales cycle, and decision making may take time as well. Examples are a tissue manufacturing company supply supermarket in bulk. And then supermarkets sell directly to the final consumers.


C2B- Customer to Business

C2B is a type of eCommerce where individuals sell goods and services to companies.

With this business model, the website allows customers to post the nature of their work and business bid for the opportunity.

Examples of C2B Models;

An example may be a company advertising for the position for suppliers, assume vegetable supply. The farmer may be the best target as an individual, and so they bid for the opportunity. That is a C2B model, and it is C2B eCommerce when the whole process is through a website.


Another example is freelancing websites, where companies post for opportunities for service providers. Service providers include web design, web development, digital marketing and many others. They bid for the job, and someone with the best qualification is given a chance.

Pricing Strategies for C2B Business

This eCommerce gives service providers to negotiate for their prices. And it also gives businesses the freedom to pick qualified and affordable professionals. In Kenya, some innovators use this model to create a platform that links companies with influencers. 


The biggest example of an influencer platform is WOWZI. How do WOWZI works? It is like an influencer agency. Additionally, it collects different influencers in one basket. Wowzi makes it easier for companies to select influencers with relevant skills, experience, suitable followings and relevant skills. 


C2C- Customer to Customer

C2C is a business model that most term as an online marketplace. It connects different consumers under one umbrella to exchange their products and services. Meanwhile, the C2C platform makes money by charging listings or transaction fee. 


An example is Jiji, where people meet to exchange goods and services online. Creatives list their services and wait for the interested customers. 


The only challenge that these platforms face is good control and technology maintenance. But investors make good money from it.


How Can You Propel an Ecommerce Websites? 


Focus on Value Delivery!

For every eCommerce, value delivery is the key secret. Afterwards, ensure you create a value that sticks into the customers’ mind. You can hire a creative team to help you in identifying technological gaps that will help you propel in the competitive business environment.

Some Ecommerce Fails at the First Phase

Many investors put much attention to the design and forget the value delivery, which is the greatest strategy to build loyalty to clients. 


Here are the approaches to improve value delivery;


 Promote D2C (Direct to Customer) Sales

Have a direct touch with your customers through promoting directly to customer sales. When you connect with your clients directly, you get a genuine response, review, and feedback to improve your business operations.


Implement Wholesaling 

When you sell in bulk to your retailers, you give them a chance to provide discounts to your product consumers. Reduce the number of middlemen that may increase the price of the products. Remember, they have to cater to the transportation and expenses they end up charging by increasing their price.

Why are Some Ecommerce Companies Successful?

Several companies are flourishing today because of the freedom they enjoy with the eCommerce model. The process of managing an eCommerce is a bit cheaper compared to physical shops. The only thing they need is a warehouse in which they can use some spaces at their homes. 

What is the Cost of Designing Ecommerce Websites?

The cost of designing eCommerce websites is also cheaper compared to the cost of building a physical shop. You only need to hire the best web designing company, and you are set to capture the market. As we said previously, don’t focus much on the design. Put more attention on marketing and strategies.


 Ecommerce works best with digital marketing since its operations are entirely online. And that means you again need the best digital marketing company to provide you with an excellent online strategy.