Best Digital Marketing Firms in Kenya

Best Digital Marketing Firms in Kenya

Do you have a business? If yes, you need digital marketing services for that business in this era of online technology. Why are we even insisting on that? Because it is something that every business needs today. Whether you manage a small or big business, we are at a level of digital evaluation; you only make sales based on how you present your business to customers.

Why are Digital Firms in Kenya Essential? 

Do you recall seeing giant billboards on the roadside some years back? Or did you sometimes listen to shows on the radio with brand endorsement and adverts? There were several of them a couple of years back. Companies relied on such advertisements since they were the only channels available in those days.

However, something happened, and the paradigm shift came into the online space. And with online marketing, the process is transparent and straightforward. Companies can check on their digital campaign records at any given time without restrictions.

As opposed to traditional marketing, there were few records, and companies could not account for cash invested into marketing. But look, we still can’t rule out traditional marketing since people still get employment opportunities from such platforms. It is still significant, but it can’t overturn the power of internet marketing.

What Are the Services Offered by Digital Marketing Firms in Kenya?

You may be wondering what digital marketing firms and the services they offer to businesses are. Don’t be worried; we have all the details you may need in this blog. The information shared in this blog will help you select the best digital marketing firms in Kenya.

There are many digital firms in Kenya, but you select the wrong one, you may end up questioning its relevancy. We wouldn’t like you to go in that direction. Here is the list of digital marketing services you need to get from digital marketing firms.

  •  Social Media Marketing

Did you visit Facebook or Twitter today? Right. You’re interacting with a digital marketing platform. And such platforms are what we call social media. Since it involves interaction from different people, it forms the basis of social media marketing.

If you are looking for the best digital firms in Kenya, they should have a good team. A team with a deep understanding of digital marketing skills to help execute perfect social media strategy. It is not wise to invest in any activity that won’t bring growth to your business. Interview the digital marketing team and see who fits where and their previous results.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is another driving wheel in digital marketing. But remember, the email also depends on the type of company you’ll hire. Some digital marketing firms in Kenya are experts from word of mouth and on paper. But when it comes to execution, they score zero-rating.

Look for a firm with a complete team, from content creation, email marketing strategy, planning staff, and a qualified specialist who will help you set up the flow of email marketing.

Request a session for the whole team and engage them personally to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Keep in mind that the business is yours, and you deserve to get the best service that can make your business grow. Don’t just send an email that you need a digital marketing service and stop it at that point. Ensure you sign a contract that you understand.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Did you google anything today? Or even a few days ago? Right. That is a whole technique of SEO. Google is a search engine, even though many people assume it is the only available since most searches happen through Google.

There are other options available like Yahoo, Bing, and others. SEO is one of the primary services you need to pay attention to when hiring a digital marketing firm. The process takes a little longer, and don’t listen to companies promising you heavens within a short period.

Not everyone saying he is an SEO expert is actually what they mean. A more reputable company will promise you realistic and achievable results. Again, they will provide you with a breakdown of their SEO activities from the beginning to the end. Demand for results and see if they are honest with themselves.

  • Search Engine Marketing/ Paid AdWords

Sponsoring your business is critical when you want to get immediate results as opposed to the SEO process. Digital marketing firms have a specialized team of media buyers that will target the right people, age group, and location. All these activities require a team of professionals, which is what digital marketing firms offer to businesses. Again, do your research well to help you select the best firm.

The other services include:

Content Marketing/ Blogging

Display Ads


The Top Digital Marketing Firms in Kenya

There are numerous digital marketing firms in Kenya. The following are the firms you need to consider when thinking of going digital.


ORADMA Is the top and best digital marketing agency in Kenya. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services in Kenya. They have an excellent team of digital marketing specialists that focus on different aspects of digital marketing in Kenya.

Their services include:

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Copywriting and content creation

Photography and Videography

Graphic Designs

Influencer Marketing  

Media Buying Services

ORADMA has shown consistent growth since they revamped and launched their new website this year. They keep providing perfect digital marketing solutions to companies. Their main goal is to take businesses through different stages of digital marketing.


ORADMT is a digital marketing training firm in Kenya. They offer training services to individuals and corporates. It all started as a digital marketing training platform. However, today its expanding its channels to offer a wide range of courses.

The courses already uploaded on ORADMT include communication and PR, Public speaking, Leadership, and project management. ORADMT is located at TRV plaza in Westland’s Nairobi. If you want to learn digital marketing, then ORADMT is the best institution to consider. It will help you with the skills to improve the online presence of your business.

  • Global Desarts Media

Global Desarts Media is a digital marketing agency with many specializations in SEO Marketing. The agency ranks primarily for SEO agency keywords. They have good records of employee retention that portray how consistent they are in the digital marketing space.

They are located at Kimathi House in Nairobi. They have been in the digital marketing business for close to 10 years. They recently won an award as the best SEO agency in East Africa. You can visit their website to learn more about their services.

Digitally Fit

It is a blogging platform that offers digital marketing news and trends for businesses. It is the site that people visit if they want to research any digital marketing tips. They provide a good flow of content to help people learn and practice digital marketing.

Do you have any task that you feel is challenging you? Visit Digitally Fit for the most relevant details in digital marketing.

With all these platforms at hand, you won’t go wrong with your digital marketing strategies. The platforms offer services that may help you get started from a beginner to a more advanced digital marketing expert, or you can hire their services for your business.