Best Clothing Online Stores in Kenya: The Latest and the Best

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Online shopping is booming in Kenya. Mybigorder is one of the best online cloth stores in Kenya. They offer a wide variety of products. The only thing worse than not having an outfit to wear is having a terrible outfit to wear. It’s important for your wardrobe to be up-to-date and able to accommodate any occasion. The best Kenya clothing stores will ensure that you’re dressed the part wherever you go!


Online shopping is here to stay and the choice of where you want to shop is only limited by your budget. Online clothing stores are giving online shoe stores a run for their money. The app Mybigorder just got a big investor from one of the panelists for the investment pitching show. Joanne Mwangi invested Sh 10 million in the company, with an exchange of 20% equity for the entire investment, worth Sh 40 million at that time. The app connects customers with service providers and merchants nearest to them.


Kenyans love beautiful clothing, so it’s no wonder that so many brands make our country a hub for fashion and apparel. But because Kenya has so much talent and so much to offer, you might be looking for something a little less popular. Perhaps you’d prefer a more classic design. Sometimes you’d prefer something a little less popular, and less brandy. Perhaps you’d like something with more flair. You might be seeking the latter from KKuria is one of the best online cloth stores in Kenya, and one of the most popular clothing stores in the East African region. Their dresses are definitely more sophisticated than your standard pre-loved school uniform. But they’re also casual and easy to wear. Each of their designs is a beautiful combination of old and new.


If you want to buy cheap and stylish shoes, you should shop at the Bata website. Bata is the largest shoemaker in the world. They sell stylish shoes for men, women, and children. Big Chain Safaricom’s Jomo Kenyatta Center is the second busiest shopping mall in the country. You can buy most of your favorite brands at this mall. The main chains include Naivas, Tuskys, United, Nakumatt, Thika Road Mall, Boma, Five Square, and Nakumatt Loitiptip. In addition, there are other big chains such as Kenya Airways, MiTuk, and Guinness.

Biashara is a popular clothing store online. The company provides customers with the best fashion clothes. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Customers can select from almost any fabric. Bia’s Berry Internet Shop Bia’s Berry Internet shop provides women with the best clothes online. They offer a wide range of clothes including different designs and different colors. Customers can choose what looks best to them. offers ladies a wide range of men’s and women’s clothes. Consequently, Customers can select from more than 10 types of fabrics. Design & Style Online Design & Style Online sells women’s and men’s clothes online. They offer a wide variety of options. Customers can choose from different designs and even different colors.

Jumia Kenya

You can get any type of clothes like t-shirts, dress pants, underwear, jeans, swimwear and much more. But the products offered here are of the best quality. It is definitely one of the best clothing stores in Kenya because of this quality. But the online shop is based in Australia. Ikea Since their first store was opened in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has become a household name all over the world. The furniture range is very unique and best at providing the client with beautiful and cheap home décor. The entire range of products is of quality too. This is a top clothing store in Kenya. Best Food Stores in Kenya: It’s interesting to note that a good range of shopping malls has been developed with a focus on the quality of their products and services.


AliExpress is a giant online shopping platform in China. You can find it at the top of the first search results. It can be found on other search engines, as well. It offers goods on its massive online platform. Right now, their inventory is at maximum, so you can find a lot of good products at AliExpress. You can even save money on getting it. Bloomingdale is one of the top shopping malls. It offers good value for money. This is another good online store in Kenya that allows you to find a lot of quality products at the best value for money. Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce websites. Jumia has built up an extensive platform that can cater to all your needs. They offer some of the best online shopping platforms in Kenya.


There are many online clothing stores in Kenya. Each store is offering different products. Some are big players in this industry. Mybigorder is one of the best clothing stores in Kenya. The company has a wide range of online clothing stores for men, women, and kids.