A New On-Demand Delivery and Logistics Courier- Where Corporates Use and Pay Later

myBIGOrder riders before setting off to their designated areas of operation

myBIGOrder On-Demand-Delivery is a logistics service provider serving both corporates and individual clients in a bid to meet their needs to run petty errands and do timely deliveries.

Speaking to Mr. Arnold Okango, Head of Deliveries at myBIGOrder, this is what he had to say,

“For us, our life is all about Innovations and People, it’s all about making life easier and simpler and we’ve come a long way. With over 500 delivery partners, we believe the future is with us.

Our strength is, we use technology to calculate distance covered meaning you always pay less. Our supermarket shopping for Home and Corporates is now on the rise. We are surely saving families time and doing all the work. It’s amazing, myBIGOrder supermarket is loved by people who don’t like traffic and long queues at the malls but still want to buy cheaper.

For corporates, the reward is even bigger and better. Use our delivery services whole month and just pay your consumption and usage at the end of the month. We invoice and you bill at end month.”

Asking him what their end goal is, Mr. Okango summarized it through their mission and vision statements as follows:

“Our mission is ‘to establish a premium courier and be a delivery service provider that will make readily available the wide range of errands and products as it relates to the service offerings in the delivery industry at affordable rates.’

On demand delivery means you keep out engaging your rider on a daily basis but only engage one near you when you need it in an on-demand and our vision is ‘to ensure we go all the way to position our services to favorably compete for the available market in the industry.”

From our conversation with myBIGOrder, Mr. Okango made it clear that On-Demand-Delivery works on the customer’s terms as much as possible. They ask the customer to give their most convenient time for delivery. His delivery team will then get the merchant who is in a position to have the product ready to get to the customer at their preferred time. Where this plan is not possible, myBIGOrder requests their customers to extend the delivery time with an hour or two just to ensure they have not inconvenienced them.
Currently, they have a good number of corporates for whom they pick and drop cheques, letters, and other valuables; they have not had any peculiar challenge and hence pride in their clients’ satisfaction.

Here are some of the services that they offer:

• Supermarket shopping and delivery
• Home and office shopping delivery
• Cheque banking and collection
• Providing express messenger and delivery services
• Delivering parcels, documents and packages
• Delivering time-sensitive and high-value-to-weight products
• Providing grocery delivery services (i.e. independent service from grocery store)
• Providing restaurant meal delivery services (i.e. independent delivery services)
• Gifts, flowers and cake delivery

Their delivery modes include Messenger, Riders, Pickup, Lorries, trucks, trailers all on demand.

What you will find most interesting is the fact that you are able to get the delivery charges even before you get the service. Their system is highly automated hence eliminating unnecessary transport negotiations with the rider or driver.
For corporates, your finance processes have a smooth flow as explained by Mr. Okango up in this piece.

It’s mesmerizing how technology is advancing every day. myBIGOrder has taken it a notch higher!