6 Top Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya to Watch in 2022

6 Top Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya to Watch in 2022
6 Top Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya to Watch in 2022

Are you looking for cheap web hosting services in Kenya? Or. Are you looking for the best email hosting providers in Kenya? Remember all businesses need websites in this era and having a perfect web hosting company in Kenya is the best way to approach it. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for cheap web and email hosting services, all that you need to give much attention is the reliability of your provider. That’s why you need to understand 6 Top Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya to Watch in 2022.

Why Do You Need to Hire Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya?

The web hosting business is becoming competitive with the era of internet invasion. People are rushing to set up web hosting companies to cater to the growing demand. However, few understand how they should operate the business so that they don’t disrupt their clients’ operations.

What is the Major Cause of Website Shutdown?

You may encounter some websites that go down more often or the loading speeds are relatively slow.

Do you know the major cause of such situations? It is because of hosting their websites with unreliable companies. The business website should be your eye even if you are asleep; it should serve your customers even if you are taking a vacation somewhere in the Coastal region- That’s where most entrepreneurs are when they are tired of the Monday-Friday traffic.

But sometimes it happens in the opposite direction. You invest your hard-earned money in developing a perfect website for your business that is always down over the weekends. It hurts, and we feel it. Here are the top web hosting companies you need to hire for hosting services.

6 Top Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya to Watch in 2022


  • Who is ORAWEBWOST?

ORAWEBHOST is one of the reliable web hosting providers in Kenya. They offer all-around web solutions services. It provides full arrays of domain registrations and hosting services in Nairobi, Kenya. If you are looking for cheap web hosting services in Kenya, ORAWEBHOST is the company to prioritize on your list.

Their web hosting packages are affordable and pocket-friendly to every category of business model. For sure, ORAWEB is the best web hosting in Kenya that will meet the size of your wallet and provide high-quality work at the same time. Cheap can sometimes be expensive when it comes to business and cheap web hosting services can hurt your business big time. But ORAWEBHOST takes the frontline to deliver excellent and affordable web hosting services in Kenya.

  • What Other Services Can Your Business Benefit from ORAWEBHOST?

Additionally, they offer web design services through their sister brand called ORACOM WEB SOLUTIONS. And if you are looking to start your online business from scratch, they have you covered all through. Recently, the company also launched ORADMA digital marketing agency in Kenya to help businesses scale up digital marketing strategies. The ORADMA agency offers services like SEO marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and many others.

Do you need a robust online presence? Contact ORAWEBHOST to get instant help and support. Visit their website to learn more or you can reach them through their email- support@oracom.co.ke


DomainRacer is a well-known web hosting company in Kenya on which clients’ trust is on a high level. Their web hosting is comparatively affordable compared to the industry average. They cover many factors from operation to data management. They are identified because of their 100% real quality web hosting services.

DomainRacer provides Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS hosting, and also includes application-based hosting (as NodeJs, PHP, WordPress, MYSQL, Web Developer, Joomla, eCommerce, Magento Hosting, etc). DomainRacer is appropriate for heavy traffic websites that need faster- loading speed. DomainRacer has more than enough storage space and guaranteed up-time that’s the reason their website never goes off.

DomainRacer, speediness, trustworthiness, and outstanding support make the hosting stand out from the crowd. DomainRacer offers a reliable running time is the most significant advantage of them. DomainRacer delivers a free domain name (.com & .in) with an advanced hosting plan. All cheap cPanel hosting plans bundled with unbounded bandwidth, unlimited disk space, email accounts, secure user information with free of cost SSL


They offer good domain registration services in Kenya inclusive of expertise in email accounts, C (control) panel, and SSL services. This has increased their efficiency and is the main driver for their growth in the domain and hosting industry.


Hostpinnacle Kenya is known for the most lucrative and amazing affiliate program, where you earn with every client you refer to them. They are passionate about both domain registration in Kenya and web hosting services.


Safaricom is known to be the leading mobile service provider network in Kenya. However, many people don’t really know that they are highly ranked domain and hosting experts in Kenya. Besides email creation, they also offer free website builders.


Truehost is a relatively recent company that is now building a good reputation in the local TLDs registration. Their domain registrations and packages are available at relatively affordable rates.

They have portrayed excellence in service delivery, providing reliable and secure servers to protect their clients’ websites and data.

The company only deals with domain registration.


The Airport North Road-based web hosting company is also another powerhouse in the web hosting and domain registration industry in Kenya. Sasahost offers excellent domain registration and hosting exclusively. They don’t have or offer web design services hence you can only approach them when you need a website, they do host for you. Basically, the company specializes in hosting and hence may not qualify for other web services including web development.

Why You Need Web Hosting for Your Business

You may have the best website design and structure but reliable web hosting contributes much to your online presence. Hosting is a home that accommodates your web content. You can’t have your website hanging on the air, you need somewhere to store and backup your business data.

Imagine if you want to start a business, what do you always do? You look for the best office and location, right? It is the same with web hosting. You need perfect web hosting and service to ensure all your business data are secure and safe from hackers. Keeping your business safe from hackers will help you maintain a good relationship with your customers. Customers love to engage themselves with businesses that promise good security for their information and data.

Remember we are in an era where most transactions are done online and customers need to be confident when sharing their transaction details. Hence, all your digital marketing activities are all linked to your business website.

Web hosting ensures you have full control over your website. You can perfectly handle content creation or updates, management, and troubleshooting with a good web hosting company in Kenya. Some companies have the tendency of unavailability when you need some support and such are key things to consider when purchasing web hosting services in Kenya.

Benefits of Good Web Hosting Services to Businesses

  • A wider market reaches

We are in the digital rush where almost everyone is looking for solutions online. As a business, you need to present your products and services in front of potential customers. And websites will abundantly help on that since you can optimize it to reach people looking for business, products, or services related to yours. Having a good domain will ensure customers don’t experience a hitch whenever they are interacting with your business.

  • 24/4 Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, the website provides continuous customer service even if you are on vacation. How can this happen? Your customers can read and understand what your business is all about by just perusing web content.

You can imagine an e-commerce website; customers can just go through online price tags of items and make orders even at midnight. Have you ever made your order through Jumia, Mybigorder or even Kilimal during the night? If yes, then you can testify that this website provides full-time customer service.

What if you were to visit their physical shops? You would find their doors closed? And I wouldn’t make any sales and that is a loss to them. But since they have their website up and running, they can still make sales.

Again, it would be impossible if the website keeps going down every now and then, even clients don’t trust the services offered. And in perspective, you need good and reliable domain registration and web hosting company to keep your business up.

  • Effective Advertising Process

With a strong standing website, you can handle the SEO part perfectly. Then, what is SEO? It is the technique that businesses use to rank their websites on search engines like Google and Bing. Web hosting contributes to much success for SEO. This is because web hosting affects the loading speed and domain authority that are huge factors affecting technical, On-page, and off-page SEO.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting companies offer different types of hosting services. You can always do research to find the one that suits your business website. You need to engage with qualified professionals to help you figure out what can easily bond with your business. Or you can contact the web hosting company for more clarifications.